Which Barbecue Should I Buy In 2018 [Tips]

I hear and often see the question pass by ”which barbecue should I buy”. Usually, by people who want to start barbecuing and of course, there is no immediate answer to this. But I try to describe it in this article as well as possible for you, so you can easily make a choice.

Before I can answer your question on ”which barbecue should I buy”, it is important to know whether you want a coal barbecue, gas barbecue or an electric barbecue?  Because I have arranged various different types of barbecues, that will help you to find out exactly what suits you best.

For small spaces

When you go on vacation or if you live in a cozy apartment with a lovely balcony or a small porch at your house, that is where these barbecues come in handy.

Smoke Hollow

It looks like a briefcase when you fold it together. Easily to take it anywhere or to use it on a small table in your garden or maybe even on a balcony in your apartment. It consists of stainless steel, a 12000 BTU ” u ” burner, a heat indicator and a simple cleaning tray. Also, you just have to press one button to ignite.

Weber Jumbo Joe

Weber is still one of the dominant brands on the market when it comes to barbecue and, therefore, they always come up with the best types of barbecues, that fulfill our needs. This particular barbecue: Weber Jumbo Joe is ideal for when you are at the beach with family or friends, or of course on your balcony, small garden or your porch.


It can happen that you are not such a big fan of Weber Then you can always choose the Cuisinart They are available in various colors and easy to carry because you can clamp the lid.

Family barbecue 

Do you like sitting in the backyard with your family or friends and do you feel like having a barbecue together? Then I have a good selection of barbecue grills that you will certainly be interested in because these specific barbecues are ideal for big families or many friends!

Weber Original Kettle 

The Weber Original Kettle is one of the most popular charcoal barbecues, in the barbecue world! Big enough for a cozy nightfall family barbecue, or friends get together. This unique charcoal barbecue makes it all possible for you. You can bake, grill or cook on this Weber Original Kettle, and thus makes it one of the best barbecues for such occasions.


Weber Q3200

As you already know, Weber is a dominant barbecue brand and they dominate in various areas, such as charcoal barbecues, electric barbecues, but also the gas barbecue. This Weber Q3200 has 2 separate burners which make it possible to create a safe zone so that you can barbecue indirectly. You can choose between liquid propane or natural gas (really ideal)


Char-Broil Performance

Of course, you do not always have to choose a Weber, you can also go for the Char-Broil Performance which is a lot cheaper than the Weber Q3200 and almost to just as good. This barbecue has instead of 2, 4 burners and a side burner.


Party barbecue

Do you often organize large backyard party, neighbors get together or do you just have a big family? I have made a selection with some ideal barbecues, for such occasions.

Weber Genesis II 

You have the Genesis II in different models and you can therefore not only choose between 2 or 4 but even 6 burners. This is the specific 4 burner but you can always go for the 6. The Genesis II is provided with the GS 4 high-performance grilling system and also has a Bluetooth Igrill 3 is a digital thermometer, so you can monitor your food easily by using your phone, Ipad, laptop. Very useful if you ”work low and slow” You can choose between 4 different colors and I think they also give a very strong look in your garden. Definitely recommended so I would consider it.


The Summit

This barbecue is a big hero when it comes to a huge barbecue party but unfortunately, there is a big price tag on it and are only available above $ 1000 which is understandable. For this one, I’m going to show you a short video to give you a little insight about this magnificent barbecue, that people only whisper about, the myth, the superman, the legend of all legends, The Weber Summit

Napoleon Prestige PRO 

Are you planning to take your entire kitchen outside? The Napoleon Prestige Pro offers you that possibility! Napoleon is well-known, especially in Germany and has a large-scale of gas barbecues. And just like the Weber summit, are pretty expensive. But the will be delivered to you completely! Napoleon Prestige Pro has a sizzle zone which allows you to grill at insanely high temperatures and most models like this one are equipped with an infrared rear burner in combination with a rotisserie, that allows you to get the best out of your steak.


All Seasons

It may be that you want to go barbecuing in the winter. At that time you want to keep the temperature as good as possible without fuss and therefore the kamado is the ideal barbecue for the winter, that is a fact! The kamado has a perfect insulation and it consumes little fuel. Imagine if you are working with your gas barbecue in the winter that will cost you a lot of fuel! The kamado allows you to be able to control the temperature precisely and due to its low airflow, it loses little to no moisture. You have many types of kamado in the market, you will probably have heard of the famous Kamado Joe Classic II? and that is only one among many others… I advise you of course before you invest that of a large amounts money, that first informs yourself well before you think about making a purchase. The same applies to all the other grills I recommend. Fortunately, there is not much to know about it because I have done my best to inform you as well as possible about these products.

I advise you to not to look for cheap products though they sound good in your ears. Cheap certainly means less quality and especially when it comes to barbecues. Some kamados are made of such cheap clay that they can quickly break through the weather because of the temperatures. If you don’t take this advice, you can really regret it and you do not want that, I certainly speak from experience.

Kamado Joe Classic II

Kamado Joe Classic II is until recently one of the best known and most popular around the barbecue community. Its ceramics are of the highest and most expensive quality and the service level is irresistibly high! You will probably never need them but it’s always nice to know that service is ready for you in case you experience some problems or any damage, what has been resolved with a wink of an eye!



Finally but not least, I want to introduce you to the Kamado Joe Classic II By showing you a short video

It is certainly not finished with ”which barbecue should I buy” and there will be more great barbecues in the future! I advise you to sign up for my newsletter so that I can keep you informed when that will be and more awesome barbecue stuff straight to your inbox…

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