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5 Types of Barbecue Grills & Smokers Which You Can Choose From [Tips]

When summertime hits, I’m sure you know what that means, right? But of course, going outside with all your friends and family! Take out the garden chairs and Barbecue Grills, because it is the best time to enjoy the weather, cooking outside and lounging in your awesome garden. With this nice weather, you obviously do not want to be cooking in the kitchen; we all know that it is to hot for that. Well, I got good news, go get yourself a nice Barbecue Grills and go start cooking! But hold up? What Barbecue Grills are we looking for? No worries! Today we going to help you find out 5 types of Barbecue Grills & smoker which you can choose from.

 barbecue grills

  • The first thing you want to look at is what price range is right for you? Is barbecue your hobby, then it is important to have a high-quality Barbecue Grills that meets all your requirements and needs. I recommend you to invest in it big time! (Because I promise it will benefit you for a lifetime). If barbequing is an occasional thing for you, well then you have to look at how much are you willing to spend?

barbecue grills

  • It is very important to know what size you prefer when choosing a Barbecue Grills. You have to look at how many people you normally want to serve with it. Do have a good look at this (Important)

barbecue grills

  • What type of fuel source do you consider?


I’m going to share with you the types of grills out there on the market.

Charcoal Grills 

barbecue grills

These bring you the most delicious char-broiled taste, but remember lighting and cleaning them will need some effort. This is the common way for lightning a charcoal Barbecue Grills. Lay a bed of briquettes or charcoals on the bottom grid of your Grill. The amount of briquettes or charcoal you put highly depends on how long you want to cook, how much food you want to use and people you want to serve that day. Also, make sure that the ventilation holes, are completely open so that your briquettes can light up easily.

Then you want to put a couple of lighters deep as you possibly can (preferably in the middle) between the briquettes or charcoals. Now, it is important that you lay the firelighters deep because we all know that heat rises (I’m sure you already know what happen if the firelighters laying too high). A normal small Barbecue Grills only needs 3 to 4 lighters, the bigger ones need often 8 to 10 lighters.

Gas Grills

Also known as ”The Superman” of all Barbecue Grills. These are a convenient option if you in a rush or cook out a lot. They are most popular because Gass Barbecue Grills produces consistent and fast heat. It is an easy and very simple way to use. They can be fueled by a propane tank or by a direct feed from your home gas line. If you consider the propane way, I recommend you to have enough storage of propane because you don’t want to grill one side of your steak and your fire runs out. I advise you to make sure you got a spare tank!
The great thing about charcoaled grills and gas grills, is you’ve got the option to combine those two, these are called Combo Grills so that you can choose any day witch one you want to use.

Wood Pellet Grills

barbecue grills

it’s a great combination of flavor convenience and versatility.

Pellet Grills are fueled by compressed pure hardwood pellets
that get pushed into a fire pit and you’ve got a computer monitoring the fuel flow, to keep its temperature on.
It’s a very easy and simple technology: You poor some real wood into your hopper and its pressed into a pellet, push a button and now you barbeque with real wood, very convenient. 

What makes this Grill amazing you have very little waste, about 1% waste, so if you burn 600 pounds of pellets through a year you have 6 pounds of ash, isn’t that great? That means no more annoying tools to clean up the ash! Everything goes into a big bowl underneath the Pellet Grill and you only have to clean the ash out about once a year, very user-friendly.

BBQ Smoker

For its irresistibly delicious, tender meat!

You have 3 types of smokers: propane, charcoal, and electric.

When we talk about barbequing, it is becoming increasingly popular by the day, and more and more different Barbecue Grills methods are being created to get highest qualities out of your meat when you are cooking. These BBQ Smokers are often used among real barbeque lovers, and I mean the real barbeque lovers.

BBQ Smokers makes it possible to smoke meat or cook on the low without placing it directly above the heat source. This makes the meat more delicious and tender, it gets an incredible smoky taste and the chance of burning your meat is completely rare.

I want you to keep in mind that cooking with a BBQ Smoker is much and much different than you are used to with a normal Barbecue Grills Are you considering investing in one? (You will never regret it) Also invest in time, because you gonna need it for this one! You work with it, with a lot of enjoyment and it is amazingly delicious! We get more in-depth about these BBQ Smokers in the future.

Electric Grills

If you want more ”just like that”, Then I highly recommend you an Electric Grills. You only have to plug connection, set the adjustable thermostat to the right temperature, wait for a couple moments, and you can start cooking. The temperature is so much to regulate, it never goes too fast and the meat will not burn as quickly. If you want you can even use it inside your house. Ready for use, right away, safe, clean and easy to control the temperature ensure that the Electric Grills always becomes more popular, because of its convenience and most of al ”speed”.

Smoke Daddy Inc; ”Stop looking and go start cooking!”

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