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5 Things You Should Know About Smoke Wood [Tips]

There are various types of different species of Smoke Wood on the market, that it makes it sometimes difficult for us to know what kind you actually want and what kind you don’t want to use for different types of meat. Don’t worry! In this article, I’m going to share everything there is you should know, what to look for when purchasing smoke wood for your meat.

The Basic rules when you want to use smoke wood

Because of various types of different species of Smoke Wood, are subtle, I personally recommend you to make the first choice between a bunch of smoke or a little bit of smoke. For instance, hickory and oak give a huge compact of smoke release and are suitable for bigger cuts of meat such as Beef and or Pork.

Less smoke: Hardwood such as nut-bearing trees and fruit trees are better suited for seafood and or chicken. For instance, if you want to use Oak for seafood and smoke it too long, everything will taste sour and I’m sure that you do not want that to happen!

Wood Chunks or Woodchips


smoke woodsmoke wood

In most garden markets you see seasons with all kinds of Wood Chips in numerous species. You want to use it in two ways. Don’t just throw the Wood Chips or chunks among the Briquettes. They will burn too fast, ending up with too little and incorrect smoke. It is much better to use your Wood Chips in a smoker box or maybe even better cover them with aluminum foil, make serval holes in it. For instance, the wood will start to smoke gently without burning and produce a lovely white clear smoke. This smoke is also known as ” Blue Smoke ” because it produces a light blue color.

smoke wood

You want to use larger Lumps of Wood. I recommend you to put these on the Briquettes or Coal. What happens is, it will smoke longer and much more consistently than the Wood Chips. You can purchase the woods at my Amazon affiliate store, but you can also get your wood from a nearby market or maybe even chop it up by yourself. Let some wood trunks drain and cut them into parts.

Do you want to use wet wood or not?

If you want to throw the Wood Chips straight on your Coals, quickly close the lid. I assume you know that otherwise, your wood would only burn. I recommend you, do not make your wood wed. Because the soaked wet wood chips reduce the temperature of your coals (That you do not intend to do)

If you do it then you are not smoking but steaming. Wood only begins to smoke at a heat of around 300ºC. As you may or may not know, cooking water will not get hotter than 100ºC. The wood will only get hotter and begin to smoke when all the water has dissolved. I think you don’t want to wait for that? ( Why would you? )

The smoke you see with soaked wet wood chips is usually steaming and that does not do anything with the flavor of your seafood or meat. So insert the chips in aluminum foil or put them in a smoker box. But I advise you never to soak them in water!

What is a smoke circle?

Authentic barbecue is known that you take your time to get the best result in your
preparation for your meat. Smoke Wood can oftentimes be identified by that most beautiful rosy smoked circle that you can see in the first few millimetre of your delicious tasty meat.

Here is an example of how that looks like:

smoke wood

This rosy meat does not mean that your food is undercooked. The mixture of smoke and the meat produces a biochemical effect following in a rosy circle. This rosy meat gives you a clear indication that your meat has been smoked. If there is no smoke circle, that does not always mean that it has not had enough smoke. The biochemical effect seldom settles and does not give a smoke circle while you have a smoke flavor. A lot of establishments claim that they smoke but use something that we call ” liquid smoke ” with which you can give a smoky flavor. Then you have the smoky taste on your sauce but not in the meat. But if you see a lovely rosy edge in your correctly cooked steak or pork chop, you can boastfully present it.

Which wood species you do not ever want to use for smokin your meat?

In this rank of wood kinds, you do not want to use, because if you do you can die! ( That was a joke ) But you can get very il if you do use these particular types of woods:

  • Eucalyptus
  • the wild fig tree
  • Cypress
  • Amber tree
  • Spar
  • Elm
  • Pine tree

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