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4 Things You Need to Know to Survive a Winter Barbecue [Tips]

Don’t let this winter stop you from cooking outside when we talk about ” Winter Barbecue ”. Because the first snowflakes have already fallen. Well, that means we have to say Goodbye to our warm and O’ so beautiful summertime! But certainly no Goodbyes to outdoor cooking. Do not worry, I Will give you the best Tips on how to survive this Winter Barbecue! Get ready for ” Winter Barbecue ”.

In the U.S we have learned for a long time that we are not limited to just the summertime periods when it comes to Winter Barbecue. Yet if it is freezing cold weather, there are some handy Tips to know for those stone cold winter. You only need some necessary winter Barbeque skills.

In this article, I’m going to share with you; How you get your winter Barbeque Game on!

1. Which Barbecue Grill is the best suggestion for surviving the wintertime?

You need a minimum of 70 degrees for the Barbecue temperature, if it is outside 30 degrees, you only need to add an additional 40 degrees. But when it is outside around the freezing point, it is obvious that you have to add a lot more heat, and therefore you need a good quality, Barbeque Grill. Common summertime Barbecues are oftentimes made of a thin material. And because of that, the temperature in the Barbecue is affected by the stone cold, freezing winters. Barbecues Grills like a Kamado Grill are armored for this ice cold winter: This Grill with a ceramic container that ensures you to keeps out all the cold. The dominant brands are: Kamado Joe Classic II & Weber Summit winter barbecuewinter barbecue

 2. Find a good place for your Barbecue Grill in the winter

When it is wintertime, the most important thing to keep in mind is to give your Grill a good place to stand. When it is summer and hot outside, the heat around the Grill ensures that the heat stays on your Barbeque Grill. If a heavy wind blows on your Grill when it is ice cold outside, the isolation will be worthless! I personly recommend you; To try to keep your Barbecue Grill out of the ice cold air, as much as you can. But remember to be careful where you place, especially when it is close to your house ( You don’t want to burn your house to the ground ).

Make sure you place the Barbeque Grill where it is completely free from snow (with no snow around it). It can become very dangerous when the snow melts around it, you could hurt your self! Simply remove it and you prevent any accidents.

3. Good light is essential for Winter Barbecue 

In the winter time, often it will be pitch dark outside mostly around at five o’clock ( Depends on where you located in this world ). It is necessary that your Barbecuing with some good lighting around it ( It is essential ). Some Barbecue Grills are provided with a built-in lighting system. You also can you use a good head light like these:winter barbecue 4. Always have a backup fuel when Barbecuing

It is not uncommon that a Barbecue Grill takes several times longer in the ice cold winter than if you were working with it in the summertime, so do not be worried about it, just takes a bit longer and more effort. 
You need loads and loads of Briquettes or Lump, depends on what you prefer using ( In de summer you need to allot less ) I recommend Lump Charcoal it burns allot faster and becomes much hotter. Always consider having a backup bag of Charcoal. If you are cooking with Gas, always have a full spare thank with you, next to the one you using; You don’t want to cook one side of your steak while turning your steak and running out of gas… With these strong Tips, you will survive this beautiful wintertime.

winter barbecue

If we talking Winter Barbecue; We talking of a Good Bottle of  Reddish or maybe a Cold Beer? or some Hot Chocolate Milk.

winter barbecue
Actually, it really does not matter what you prefer, to have in your Winter Barbecue experience. Barbecuing is about fun, enjoyment and coming together. It is a symbol of Happiness, in my opinion. But my opinion does not count, right now. What does count, is what it means to you!

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