Prevention Of Food Poisoning When Barbecuing

Food poisoning is no fun for anyone because it can be very dangerous especially if you do not have a good immune system. That you incur food poisoning after having a barbecue party is bad enough, let alone receive a phone call from family members or friends the next morning… To prevent these types of thing from happening, I will explain to you exactly the prevention of food poisoning when barbecuing.

There are 2 types of food poisoning: Food poisoning & Food infection

As many of us know, food poisoning causes usually because of toxins that ingest your food, produced by bacteria, fungi or even chemicals, also heat cannot defuse these toxic substances!

The most common symptoms you get from food poisoning onset are; nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting or diarrhea. (These diseases usually appear within 8 hours after it has poisoned you). There are even rare diseases such as Botulism and paralytic shellfish poisoning. When you get one of these poisonings, you can even become paralyzed, so it is very important to take this matter extremely seriously.

The most common disease when having food infection is the well-known salmonella food poisoningprevention of food poisoning

Those diseases you hear allot from people who say they have come in contact with food poisoning and got infected with salmonella.

The most common symptoms when you have a food infection are; Diarrhea which sometimes can include blood, abdominal cramps with heavy fever and often followed by vomiting (You can simply prevent infections by working very hygienically).

Important when you are shopping

1. Always buy your meat at the end.

  • It is important when you are in the convenience store, that you always walk to the meat department at the end! This also applies to those who like to purchase their meat at the butcher or fish market (The reason for this is that meat must remain cool, otherwise it will spoil quickly).

2. Always look at the expiration date.

  • Often when we buy meat or any kind of food, we blindly take our meat out without looking at the date. What happens is when you do that, you can accidentally pick up old meat that is no longer fresh and often can be kept for 1 day to be consumed or maybe even the same day. I advise you to grab meat which is on the back because the fresh meat is often placed in the back and the old meat usually placed at the front, so people buy that first.

3. Take a cooler bag with you and use a cool box if needed.

  • You can usually purchase a cooler bag at the counter at your local supermarket. I advise you to use them that will ensure that your meat and others vulnerable products are protected during your rampage shopping time.

You do not want to go home right after a shopping spree?

  • We all know what happens to you when we shop; You want to grab a cozy terrace just before you go home after a day of shopping or perhaps you have met someone you know during your trip and you want to enjoy a drink together, right? But then it suddenly strikes you that you have groceries with you that should stay cool, what now? If this happens to you I advise you to invest in a cool box in the trunk of your car. Meat can be stored well at a cool temperature and so you can still enjoy a nice terrace.


1. Always wash your hands before you start preparing your food or use a disinfectant hand cream.

  • It goes without saying that you always wash your hands during the preparation a number of times (Once you have finished preparing something, wash your hands before you start with the preparation of something else).

2. Thawing meat.

  • You can take meat from the freezer to thaw but put it in a container or a bucket of cold water wrapped so that water won’t be soaked in your meet or put it in the fridge and defrost it (Always defrost your meat naturally). Don’t lay it on the on the counter and leave it there (Never use hot water or never cook with frozen food!)

3. Always clean the kitchen utensils that you want to use before and after each preparation.

  • Put it in a hot water and scrub. That way you know for sure that there are no bacteria on it.

4. Dishcloths, tea towels, and towels.

  • These are cleaning wipes but do not be mistaken. They certainly clean when they are clean! But when they are a little older these wipes can spill all kinds of bacteria, which can cause ugly infections. Make sure you always clean with clean wipes… You can easily put in a pan of boiling water with some dish-cleaning products, this way you destroy all bacteria.

5. Use colors for distinction.

  • Cutting boards you can buy in different colors and I advise you to use different cutting boards for all your meats and vegetables if not, it is very dangerous! Here I have a few examples that you can use and which is used by most people.
  1. You use Brown for cooked meat.
  2. You use Yellow for poultry.
  3. You use Blue for fish.
  4. You use Red for red meat.
  5. You use White (White) for bread and other things.
  6. You use Green for fruits and vegetables.

6. Cover your food.

  • This is important to keep pests at a distance.

7. Grab the amount of raw meat or fish you need.

  • We all know that raw meat and fish cannot stay out of the fridge for a long period of time, so try to get hold of what is needed and put the rest back quickly.

8. Keep raw meat and fish products separate.

  • To prevent cross-contamination, it is important that you keep all kinds of raw meat and fish separate (This also applies to cooked meat and fish and therefore also to salads, sauces, bread, etc.)

9. You can best store the meat and fish at the bottom of your refrigerator.

  • The reason for this is that if the meat starts to leak and it is on the top of your fridge it will leak over everything. (I hate to say but no food often means no visit either)

10. Always wash your fruits and vegetables.

  • For when you peel it then it is not necessary otherwise I advise you to wash everything well.

This way you prevent food infection during a barbecue

1. keep raw meat and fish in the fridge.

  • When we go barbecuing we are inclined to have meat and fish ready, while there is still nothing on the barbecue yet and still heating up. Try to get the meat and fish out when you start barbecuing.

2. Use different kitchen utensils for raw meat and grilled meat.

  • We are often inclined to use one utensil for the whole party, but that is not smart! Use one utensil for raw and another one for grilled meat. When you are done flipping the meat, put the utensil on the grill so the bacteria burns away.

3. Licking your finger.

  • Licking your fingers is not hygienic in itself, but do not do it, because when you have marinated your chicken, you do not want to taste it quickly by linking your fingers. Do that before rubbing it on your chicken or any kind of meat rubs.

4. keep plates and cutlery clean.

  • It is important to note that you never use a plate or cutlery which raw meat has been in contact with unless it has been washed off.


I got food poisoning! If you still suspect that someone you know or if you have food poisoning, contact a local doctor and he will give you treatment of food poisoning in adults or children.

I hope that I have been able to inform you well so that you can defend yourself and others by the prevention of food poisoning!

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