Looftlighter Charcoal Starter | 60 Seconds Charcoal Starter

I was always looking to light my charcoal and fireplace in the quickest way possible, but it was difficult because it always took some time and effort. I did some more research, then I came across something that caught my attention and there it was I found the miraculous Looftlighter 

Richard Looft is a Swedish man and inventor of the Looftlighter charcoal starter, invented in 1997. The reason behind his invention was because he always used lighter fluid and because of using the lighter fluid his chicken began tasting like that also. He was determined to change that forever and came up with this genius idea the Looftlighter that also ensures that your charcoal burns within 60 seconds.

The strange thing was that his product only became known in 2006 because none of the department stores wanted to buy his product, which I do not understand to this day! I bet many of them regret not buying it because today it is one of the best charcoal starters in the world and also a sponsor of many barbecue competitions!

I will show you a short video about this incredible man himself “Richard Looft” and his invention, that started with just a simple idea, which will demonstrate his product, exactly how he did it every single day ”door to door”, and because of that his product is  now one of the well-known and most used charcoal starter today!


I came across this invention in 2010 and I have not yet discovered a better product/ invention, which I also think I will never find because 60 seconds is very dominant to compete with. I enjoy it every day and I’m sure it is the ideal product to light your charcoal (what you see in the short video clip is exactly what you get)  The funny thing  is that the Looftlighter itself has a beer opener which is very useful when I have to wait until the charcoal is on temperature, because I like to have a beer when waiting.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and if you think about buying one and you have one then I am very curious what you think of it and I would really like it if you put in the comments.

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