7 Tips For Organizing a Fabulous Business Party In Your Backyard 2018

Summer is coming soon and so it is a great time for business owners to reward your employees for their hard work with a fabulous business party in your backyard. That way you show your employes a lot of appreciation and therefore they will be more motivated to achieve higher revenues this year!

In this article I take you step by step to create the most fabulous business party in your backyard with a cozy barbecue so that every employee will have a great memory and therefore have a great motivation to bring your revenue to higher levels!

1. Location

When you organize a party, it is important to know in advance what the location will be, usually your own backyard, but that can also be located at your office (if it has a spacious backyard) or somewhere else.the only drawback is if you plan to use your own garden that there are neighbors in the game and you have to take this into account. Some neighbors are nice and friendly people and so I advise you to even invite them if they can come that day. If that is not the case, tell your neighbors in advance that a party is on the rise, that is polite and that way you prevent your party from being blown off.

2. Decorating

Of course, you do not want to lose a lot of money as an entrepreneur because you can use that to invest. Keep in mind that this party is also a big investment and so you can spend a bit but try to keep it to a minimum. If your backyard is provided enough places to lounge, a few bar tables, then halve the work is already done. What makes a backyard very cozy these days are lights especially illuminated furniture, that gives a nice modern and classy look. know that rain sometimes comes unexpectedly without prediction and therefore I advise you to invest in a sturdy party tent, can always come in handy!

3. Food

A real business party in your backyard is of course not possible without a cozy barbecue, right? How much meat you have to purchase is quite difficult to estimate. From my own experience, I know that you need 300 to 400 grams of meat per person. If you have more men at the party than I advise you to buy more meat than fish (Men are big meat eaters). Are there many women, then you can choose to take some more fish. Also know that if the party takes a long time, people also drink more and eat more. It is always good to take into account people who are vegetarian or have a certain belief that does not allow them to eat or drink a certain type of food. Try to have 150 grams of salad per person available, such as potato salads or egg salads, etc. Make sure you do not buy all the sauces of the world because in the end there is so much left and you just do not want to make room for it. Also, consider some baguette, crisps, nuts are always good for when you accidentally have too little meat.

Make sure you have a good barbecue and I advise you to go for a gas barbecue because of the fast service it delivers. I have a good recommendation but you can always inform more before you consider purchasing, what I certainly advise you to do. I am a barbecue expert and this blog is mainly about barbecue and everything that goes with it I have written a good blog post on my barbecue recommendations, that would help you make a choice! Click >Here< for more information.

4. Drinks

In this case, too, you must take into account people with a particular religious belief or whatever it may be. What most of us drink is of course beer! I highly recommend you to buy a Keg Beer I own one myself and you will not regret it. It is much cheaper than when you buy cans or bottles and of course, you have an ice-cold beer after every tap. The good old reddish (wine) always works well. Of course champagne you cannot forget that one! You will get the party started with popping one open and giving appreciation and motivational speech. Consider also some cocktails that always do very well with the women.

5. Music

The technology is well advanced these days. Today you can use Shopify or even Youtube for all the music in the world for FREE and we like free, don’t we? I advise you to use it because without music everything can quickly become dull! Use a good sound system best with a Bluetooth installation, that way you have fewer cables and faster control. I use an awesome Outdoor Rock Speaker, that looks actually like a real rock, outstanding!

6. Games

It’s always nice to have some great games available like card games or poker another nice idea is of course karaoke on a backyard movie theater. You can also think of darts games or a football table games ping pong table games or of course, the most popular and still a brings a lot of fun, the Beer pong game, to keep the party going!

7. Important

  • keep your neighbors informed about the party.
  • Take into account vegetarian or faithful employee.
  • Do not turn the volume of music too loud because everyone has to scream at each other all the time.
    If you are a business that sells a lot on the phone, you will lose money because everyone is voiceless!.
  • keep in mind that it is going to rain and so take precautionary measures.


Organizing a business party is very important for your employee and your company. Do not forget that they are a big part of your business and largely determine your successes! So be good for them at all times and your employees will go through fire for you!

I hope this article could mean something to you! I wish you all the success of the world and I hope your revenue is going to be skyrocketing in 2018 and many years to come!


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