6 Important Barbecue Requirements

The summer is approaching and that means that we finally can sit outside with this cozy sunny weather. Usually, when it is warm outside, it is an ideal moment that we can enjoy a nice barbecue. But what are the important barbecue requirements? In this article, I will inform you exactly what barbecue requirements are. That way you will be well prepared and have a perfect barbecue experience!

1. A good barbecue

If you are going to have a barbecue, I recommend you to invest in a good barbecue. People are often inclined to buy a cheap and poor quality barbecue I advise you not to make the same mistake. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good barbecue for yourself but that is very normal if you do not know too much about it. I have previously written an article in which I explain exactly which barbecues are best for different occasions. If you want to know in detail click on this > link and I will show you which one is the best to consider!

2. Charcoal Briquette & Lump charcoal

Oftentimes you always see at the Petrol Stations when you about to go refuel, a few big bags of charcoal, right before the entrance or within the station. Please avoid those charcoal and do not get tricked to buy some of that garbage! Because that’s like I mentioned ‘the biggest junk’ on the market. Charcoal and fuel, in general, must meet certain requirements. If you want to know more details about it, I advise you to read my previous blog post where I explain to you exactly which requirements are most important when choosing charcoal! Click this > link

3. Briquette fire starter

We’re living in 2018 and it’s time to cut out using old newspapers or chemicals to get your barbecue going. That old way is more expensive and the chemical liquids floating around your barbecue which give an awful smell, that also pulls is into the meat. It is better to use a Chimney Started Easy to use, you do not have to use chemical fluids. It is a big iron cup where you put in coal and you light it up at the bottom with a fire starter. I’m going to show you a short video clip that shows you how it looks like and how you work with it.

4. Cleaning brush

It is really important to know that cleaning your grid with a cleaning brush every session is very important because the black grid certainly gives a nasty taste to your food if you leave it uncleaned. Also it very unhealthy and it takes a few minutes to clean that baby up! Apart from the fact that the stuck food remains on your grill are unhealthy, it is also necessary to have a clean grill because of the possibility that food remains stuck.

5. Thermometer

The thermometer is your big friend. Because you measure the food you can properly determine the doneness of the meat. It is a worldly myth, by touching the meat to determine that the meat is cooked.

5. Tong

I advise you not to use a fork, not because you cant use it but you will poke too much in your meat which results in juice loss. A tong prevents that you lose juices and so you’ll keep all the worthy juices in your meat. I recommend to use an old tong from your kitchen or just buy one.

6. Heat resistant gloves

With barbecue, you work with fire and extremely high temperatures. It is not worth taking the risk to work without Heat resistant gloves so just invest in that and wear them as soon as you start lighting your charcoal (Safty First)


These are the most important barbecue requirements! Use those and you will have a successful barbecue this awesome upcoming summer!

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