5 Best Barbecue Cleaning Tips & Tricks That Everyone Should know

We all know the word ”cleaning” right? Well, it is not really a word that makes a majority of the people happy and especially when it comes to your barbecue! Unfortunately, it is nevertheless important for the lifespan of your barbecue! That’s why I give you: 5 Best Barbecue Cleaning Tips & Tricks.

 1. Prevent burnt food

Before you start barbecuing, it is good to know that you grease the grates well with some oil (cooking oil or vegetable oil) Often when people don’t do that, meat remains remaining stuck on your grates during grilling, which gets burned! What I sometimes do and also others experience barbecuers, is using a lemon. By cutting the lemon in half and rubbing it on your grates that also will help the meat from preventing sticking on on your grates. It is extremely important that after barbecuing when the grates are still hot, you clean it immediately! If you do not do this, it becomes more difficult to clean, because then the grates are cold and the remains are cooked on your grates.

Recap: When you’re done having a barbecue, grab a steel brush and some oil (cooking oil or vegetable oil)  Clean your grates with a steel brush and afterward you rub some oil on your grill (it also prevents rusting)

2.  The entire barbecue

Cleaning your grill is important but also clean inside of grill from time to time. I advise you to be careful that you do not use caustic cleaning agents and abrasive cleaning agents because they can damage your barbecue, quick! Choose a better alternative and use mild products that decrease well, and leave your scourers in the cupboards. When your barbecue is clean, use a protective cover to keep it clean, that way it keeps shining!.

3. Best way to clean a charcoal grill

What I always do after using my charcoal barbecue grill, I immediately remove the food remains stuck in my grades. If you do forget this or you are just too lazy, you can expect that you will cause a smoke development within your grill the next barbecue session and that will also give you more work, then when you do the proper maintenance after each session. I recommend you to grab a bucket of warm water with some good degreasing detergent, scrub your barbecue and clean the rest with a cloth.

 4. Best way to clean a bbq gas grill

Do you want to enjoy your gas barbecue for as long as possible, I recommend that you cleaning gas bbq regularly. Preheat your gas grill for at least 15 minutes at the highest temperature, that way you burn everything and thus makes it a lot easier for you to clean up. When the preheat is done then get a bucket of warm water with some dish soap and brush your grates with a steel brush. That way you get rid of all the food remains on your grates. This is a small cleaning process if your gas barbecue grill is in good condition. This is, in my opinion, the best way to clean bbq grill grates.

You can also go for a big cleaning after every barbecue, but that is not always necessary. I recommend that you least do a big cleaning after a couple barbecue sessions. That also largely depends on how big of a barbecue it was. If you just had a small barbecue with your kids and just your wife or husband then I recommend that you only do a small cleaning. However, did you had a big barbecue session like a barbecue party, I recommend that you do a big clean up for that. I’m going to show you a short video clip that shows you how to clean inside of grill, cleaning gas grill burners and more…

5. How to clean an electric barbecue grill

It is really important before you start cleaning your electric barbecue that you unplug the plug! Also, the temperature controller, power cable, and the heating elements are absolutely not allowed to come into contact with water! You would almost think that when you grill your meat at high temperatures, it will release juices that end up on the heat elements, but that is less true because the juices evaporate way before they can even touch the heat elements. There might be a small percentage of fats and juices released on the heat elements but those cannot cause any danger, and because of that they remain almost clean.

When I remove food remains on my electric grill, I often use a old spatula of plastic but you can also use one of wood. You can easily brush the grill with a cleaning brush or you can use a sponge just as well. If you still want to clean the heat elements then you can disconnect them and pay some attention to them as well.


it is simply extremely important to maintain your barbecue as best as possible, so I strongly advise you to use my (what I think) the best barbecue cleaning tips!

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