10 Best BBQ Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

Barbecuing is incredibly fun and cozy especially if you can experience it together with your family and friends. It is a good moment to show them what type of cooking skills you have, by showing/tasting/learning them how well you can grill a tasty piece of meat, yet it is important to do it as safely as possible! That’s why I have written: 10 Best BBQ Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

 Before you start

1. Be sure that you have a solid and flat surface where your barbecue grill is standing on. It is important that your barbecue is stable standing straight with its feet on the ground. Also, keep in mind, that when you working with a gas barbecue, that the propane tank is standing upright next to the barbecue, for better safety (Certainly not under the barbecue).

2. I almost assume that everyone knows this, but I still call it out just for the sake of certainty. Never put the barbecue too close to wooden walls, plants, trees and hanging branches! Make sure your barbecue is placed and stands in a fire-safe zone (bbq safety first).

3. When you plan to barbecue in the winter and you can not go against the cold, I advise you to not barbecue at all at that period of time or take precautions and put on a lot of warm-holding clothing. But do not ever, never barbecue in confined spaces such as your garage, if you are using a charcoal barbecue! They can release toxins such as carbon monoxide when inhaling you can become unconscious and you do not want to know the consequences when you do get unconscious… 

When you are barbecuing

4. I definitely advise you not to use turpentine or other flame-catching products that can not only mess your meat up but are also very dangerous, when done wrong! If you do not have patience then I recommend you to just take a gas barbecue for your own convenience. There are many great gas barbecues on the market and are ideal for fast heat and cooking.

5. In case everything goes wrong, always make sure you have a fire extinguisher, bucket of water, garden hose or other types of fire extinguishing material. 

6. For those that have children or animals, it is important to keep an eye on them, when you are barbecuing! Animals will quickly get too close and children will subconsciously play too close to the vicinity of the grill.

7. I strongly advise you not to move your barbecue when it is already burning an accident in a small corner.

8. Do not use your fingers during times of barbecue, but just use tongs or spatulas. They are cheap and available everywhere, be sensible and avoid burns! Also, keep in mind that when you use a fork you lose a lot of meat juice, that would be a waste of goodness.

After you finish barbecuing

9. Always close the propane bottle well when working with a gas barbecue and make sure the heat level is off.

10. make sure that after barbecuing you keep the barbecue well maintained and tidy for the subsequent use that also prevents a fire hazard.

I hope this article finds you well and I want to ask you to pass on these; 10 best bbq safety tips to the barbecue fans in your area or where ever they may hang out so that everyone works as safely as possible! With that being said, have a lot of barbecue fun and let us get fired up 😉


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