10 Best BBQ Diet Tips That Everyone Should Know

I hear the question often enough from people who are dieting and are invited to a barbecue party or give one themselves “Do you have any bbq diet tips? ”. I certainly have experience because I myself have also been dieting a few times and therefore I had to think creatively about barbecuing. Barbecue & Diet can go very well with my bbq diet tips which I will give you in this article.

The advantage that you get from barbecuing is because of the small to no extra use of fat compared to that you use with a normal frying pan. keep in mind that you do not lose weight with my bbq tips but you will almost certainly gain little to no weight, after going or having a barbecue party!

1. Prepare yourself in advance

When you about to go to a barbecue party, it is important to fill your stomach with some crackers or others low in fat foods, that you normally eat during a diet. That ensures that you already have a bottom and therefore do not get hungry right away.

2. Take something with you

Do not assume the barbecue party that you are attending, will have healthy snacks for you. That is why I advise you to bring something yourself and of course enough for everyone’s mouth. That also gives a great impression when you arrive with some delicious salads or any low-fat snacks. Keep in mind if, for example, you take with you ‘chicken’ or ‘fish’ that it is well cooled by using, for example, a cool box.

3. Let the meat be as it is

People are often tended to put as much meat as possible on the barbecue and prepare it as fast as possible so that you can consume it as quickly as possible like you haven’t eaten for days. Eating your meat fast is not good for the stomach anyway and you will gain weight quickly when you do. Prepare your meat with a lot of patience, attention, and love! This way, it ensures that the meat is completely cooked so that everyone can enjoy it. Also, people tend to get rid of the fat edges from the steak and that is not the intention, even if you are on a diet, because for many types of meat that gives you the best flavors. If you want to remove the fat, do it only with the meat that is on your own plate. I definitely advise you to never make hamburgers from lean ground beef! If you make hamburgers, always make the best of the best possible.

  • Not satisfied with the meat

It may be that you do not want to eat lean meat. When that is the case I advise you to go for the highest quality by choosing meats like; chicken fillet or beef steak… Those are the leanest.

4. Do not drink too much

Barbecue parties usually last quite long and therefore a lot of meat is served. We all know what happens when we eat a lot, right? (You get extremely thirsty). Keep this in mind and take precautions, when you are at a backyard bbq party or any barbecue party…

  • Stay at a gigantic distance from the barbecue grill.
  • Keep yourself busy by playing games.
  • Start a heated discussion (Do not let it escalate into a fight).
  • Go for small portions of food.
  • Do not drink too much beer or wine.
  • Eat more salads and eat less fat based foods when you get hungry

It is not easy of course, but it is certainly not difficult either! It is simply a matter of adjusting your habit that is different from the rest.

For example, if you are being served a thick piece of meat, share it with someone next to you. Try to avoid sauces like mayonnaise and of course pasta! Instead, take fresh salads with olive oil dressing or fruit salads.

5. Fish from the barbecue

Fish is an excellent choice for a barbecue diet! Fish is almost always lean and a have little calories. When you’re dieting, fish is generally very good to apply in your diet. We men are often real meat eaters, women usually too but the also like fish a lot, which is an excellent and healthy diet choice! Men should adapt more to that. Try to use more whitefish, tuna, salmon or European plaice fish, whatever fish you prefer, it going to be GOOD!

6. Fruit on the barbecue

Fruits and vegetables are not really on the menu of a man when it comes to a barbecue! Yet Most women seem to love it more, while that is also an excellent and healthy choice! Again we as a man should follow the eating habits of a woman because most women know how healthy eating is done! You will be amazed at how delicious a grilled corn on the cob tastes, grilled banana or even a grilled apple. Grilled banana (bakabana) is one of my favorites when it comes to a bbq diet. Also, think of grilled potatoes (cut through a half, covered it up in foil, and then put on the barbecue, delicious!) There are different types of vegetables that you can use, be creative…

7. Red sauces

Not all red sauces are good for your diet, but in general, they are. There is usually less fat in red sauces than white sauces like for example, mayonnaise-based sauces. Salsa or ketchup are the best choices you can make if you want little to no fat. I recommend you to make it fresh yourself, just to be sure. If you do prefer white sauces, then I advise you to take yogurt-based sauces like mint-lime sauces, tzatziki etc. Also, take into account saté sauces are not whitely bassed but are high in fat. When you make sauces yourself, try to make your sauce with soy milk or water.

8. Fresh baguettes

Baguette belongs to barbecuing with tasty herb butter and other organic herb-based sauces. Again I advise you to make them fresh yourself and the best is, of course, brown baguette, but I think we all know that right…

9. Preferably no alcohol and soft drinks

We all know that there are a lot of calories in alcohol and soft drinks, so that means you gain weight quickly. Hold up now, I do not say that you should not drink at all, but keep it with those drinks limited…

10. Do not be too hard on yourself

A diet can be a great life-changing journey as long as you do not humiliate yourself! Take some cheating days but strictly planned ones, to reward yourself for the good and hard work!!!

I hope that I have informed you well with my bbq diet tips… With that being said I want to wish you a lot of success with your diet adventure. (You can do it!)

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